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Papperlacup by Einhorn

Papperlacup by Einhorn


If you have been using disposable products such as tampons, sanitary napkins, etc. during your period, a menstrual cup may seem a little alien at first glance. But it's really worth giving her a chance. Because the PapperlaCup has some advantages and beams you into new menstrual spheres. So far we have it in 2 sizes! This one is small.


The top 5 advantages of the flying bottom cup


- 100% medical grade silicone

- Keen for the environment because you can say ciao to disposable products

- Comes with a super chic storage bag

- It is beautifully supple so that you do not feel it at all

- Good for your piggy bank because the cup can be reused for several years

- Not sure what size you need or how the cup works?

Then take a look at our Papperlacup FAQs


One package contains:

* 1 small menstrual cup (10g)

* 1 small cup holds 17ml

* Small cup diameter is 39.3mm

* Seperatly packaged

* 1 sachet for storage

* Exceptionally cool period stickers

* Designed in Berlin with love

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