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Tage ohne Chemie

Tage ohne Chemie


the t.o.c. menstrual cup is made of high quality medical silicone, 100% vegan and does not contain any chemical additives such as latex, plasticizers or phthalates. It's not only offers reliable monthly protection, it also preserves and protects the vaginal flora and is therefore particularly suitable for women who are prone to allergies, fungi or infections. the t.o.c. menstrual cup can be used for years with careful care, is enormously cost-saving and sustainable.


The advantages

- up to 12 hours of safe protection

- easy to use

- you don’t see, you don’t feel

- suitable for all women

- enables freedom of movement at work, in leisure time and also during sport

- can be used for several years

- helps the environment through sustainable use

- cost-saving because after 2-3 months it is cheaper than alternative disposable hygiene products

- vegan, antiallergenic, latex and fragrance free

- made of high quality medical silicone, no cellulose residues

- tested quality from the eu

- significantly lower risk of infections than with other feminine hygiene products

- preserves and protects the vaginal flora

- trains the pelvic floor muscles

- wearing a menstrual cup can reduce period pain and the duration of the period

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