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Little Loulou House

Reusable menstrual cloth pads house
Use until it lasts

"Buy what you do need and keep using what you already have"


Inspiration and Goal of the House :

This house is found at the end of 2019 and inspired by my personal passion that I want to spread people's awareness of having an unhealthy work-life balance and life in the consumerism period. They have not only an effect on personal health which could bring depression and other physical and mental illnesses but also our environment and our next generations. 

"I wish what I'm doing now might be one of the inspirations for people to be more aware of how precious their lives are, realize how serious the current world's problems are, spreading the inspirations to pass the good things forward and also be prepared to cope with the darkest moment which is yet to come"


We promise to be one of many people to create the goods that could be replaced all disposable stuffs as much as we can.


What is the meaning of the name?:

Little Loulou House is compared as a house of little kid who is named 'Loulou' and is raised by love, cares and learns to think of the society and environment before personal interests. I hope when this big-heart kid will be grown-up full of smiles and inspirations for other human beings.



We have chosen and keep developing our products as its best. Our selected fabric and materials are skin and environmental-friendly only. Along every process are heart-made in Thailand

Wiriya Mana-anantakul,

Little loulou house founder

Our commitments

"Whatever we create, build, or do, it will definitely affect our environment more or less. So for every LLL product, I will do my best to leave as little as I could on the carbon footprint. Therefore, these materials, sewing technique, fabric quality, and waste management solutions are following one main goal which is protecting our only home called Earth"

Let's hold hands and keep doing this together 

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