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Heavy day (28.5cm)

Heavy day (28.5cm)



Length 28.5 cm / 11 inches



Outer: Cotton 100%

Liners: Cotton 100%

Waterproof liner: Breathable polyester 60% Cotton 40%


Washing instructions:

1. Wash 1-2 times before using them for the first time. This will remove any fabric sizing and enhance the fabric absorbency.


2. a. After use (at home) Rinse used pads with cold water immediately after taking them off to avoid stains staying on the pads.

b. After use (outside) Fold it properly and put them in your wet bag. When arriving home, then put them in a basin with cold water. Leave them there for 4-6 hours.


3. Use the soap bar to clean them. If there are stains even after rinsing or soaking, use baking soda on the pads, rub gently or leave them for 2-3 hours.


4. Rinse cloth pads again in the water with a spoon of vinegar to avoid infections. Then hang them to dry on the sun.


5. For Hygiene reasons, wash your cloth pads with hot water but be aware not to put them too long. Or put them in the washing machine every 2 months


Delivery notice

We deliver all the products with reusable packaging only in order to save our resources and create less waste


Product notice

All products are hand-made so there might be some little differences in sizing and sewing technique but they all still function very well.

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